Mapping the Creator Economy

I spent the past couple of months going down the Creator Economy rabbit hole. Here is a map of the 150+ companies I found.

The Internet is magic. Let’s not forget that just 15 years ago, in order to reach an audience, you had to go through a hyper-selective process where one person had the power to decide if you’d be allowed to speak to the general public. Then the internet came along (for real), and suddenly anyone could put anything online. Today, curation isn’t done by any one person, but by the public who votes with their attention. This new democracy has seen a new class of citizens emerge: The Creators.

The internet is magic and creators are its purest expression. Where most people see a cultural oddity, I see an entire generation bypassing traditional gatekeepers for the first time in history. It’s a phenomenon that has fascinated me for more than a decade and I wanted to finally sit down and write out my thoughts about it.

The first step was to define what a creator *really* is. In a previous article, I argued that a creator isn't someone who creates but an individual who scales without permission. They are to the individual what startups are to the organization. They are the future of scalable entrepreneurship. As a result, a new economy is growing up around - and through - them: The Creator Economy.

I’ve curated a list of 150+ companies that are focused on one thing: Arming The Creators! You'll find below 1) my map of these companies, with some commentary and a favorite for each category, 2) the list of companies I didn't include and why, 3) the Airtable list with additional data (amount raised, lead investors, location, CEO's contact info, etc.) and 4) the next step, which will consist in gathering all the resources about creators at, a Notion-based website.